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Nasdaq / Mothertrucker - A Bulletin From The Department For Transport And Finance LP

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NASDAQ finally end the arduous wait since the release of the “AGM/Fourth Quarter Slump” EP in 2011 with “Collateral (Damaged)”. The Manchester instrumental trio mark their seventh year since emerging as the dark ugly Mr Hyde to the Dr Jekyll of financial funk band The FTSE 100 with their heaviest offering yet. Moving through passages of crushing doom, hypnotic melody and wrist-breakingly complex riff attacks, “Collateral (Damaged)” takes everything this prodigiously talented unit has done before and makes it bigger and better. Imagine a band that somehow manages to sound like Earthless, Owls, Don Caballero, Iron Maiden and Kyuss all in the space of one track and bring it all together to create a cohesive mind-altering, consciousness-expanding voyage to a higher plane. That band is NASDAQ and “Collateral (Damaged)” is another step in their journey to the outer realms of instrumental rock.

The instrumental juggernaut that is Mothertrucker mark their 13th year of psychedelic riffcraft with 2 new tracks, half of a split with Manchester titans, NASDAQ . A combination of Sabbath/Kyuss style hard riffs and the quiet menace of Slint and Mogwai, these new compositions are a sweet hellride into the heart of oblivion. Thick distortion, menacing atmospherics, head nodding tempo changes and rewarding climaxes...there’s plenty to get lost in! Over the course of their existence, Mothertrucker have shared the stage with the likes of Boris, Baroness, Grails, Golden Void, OHHMS, Kruger and Thought Forms and look forward to spreading their heavy gospel to as many venues as possible in 2017.