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Expectorated Sequence - first juice [power] of the shit 7"

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Three years after the release of The Prolonged Disaster - the band’s most creative and orchestral release to date – THE EXPECTORATED SEQUENCE is back as a trio this time after the amputation of two members. The metronome is gone and the band is going back to their roots, back in a time where rhythms were broken down and beaten to a pulp. The songs on this EP are shorter, more technical and see the band revisit unused lyrics written for the first demo back in 2003. The idea behind first juice [power] of the shit is one that regards the musical approach taken by the band. They decided to completely give in to the first musical reflex, the clarity of the first idea. The songs were first improvised, arranged, then recorded, resulting in THE EXPECTORATED SEQUENCE’s fastest and most brutal release to date. Ripping through 12 songs under 10 minutes, the EP will be available as a 7″ under the banner of Montreal label L’Œil du tigre.