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Meth Leppard - Woke TAPE

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Woke is a long-awaited first full album from my Australian friends Meth Leppard! Must admit guys managed to grind my mind and flesh, ha! Everything on this album is thought out. The main theme of the front art is covering the most painful themes of humanity…  War, protests, dirty politicians, global ecology problems, and so on. And again Infested Art managed to create an awesome painting. Jasper is a very talented grind artist, I never saw a bad drawing from him, but this creation is one of his best works!

I`m lucky to have all 3 formats of this release (CD, tape, and vinyl), of course, they all a bit different, because of the format, but I`m sure you that all of them sound more than great!

This album is a fucking punch, this music will beat all shit out of you! Unstoppable, powerful, full of ferocity and anger that is the short description of Woke. It`s a very pleasant feeling when a huge wave of crashing energy simply smashing your ears and evokes primitive emotions in you. This duo managed to create a real grind bomb! Meth Leppard didn’t betray themselves, the style of the music is still the same, but this material is a bit more aggressive and I really like it. The brand guitar sound, brain-melting blast beats, short sharp riff, pissed off roaring, everything is here. This is top-notch material!

Let`s summarize. This album easily enters the top grind albums of 2020, and I think it will become an iconic album in a really short period of time!