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Killing Time - Brightside LP

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Triple-B Records #200 is a one-time pressing of this NYHC classic.

Brightside was the first of three full-length albums released by New York hardcore band, Killing Time. It was released in November 1989 on In Effect Records, a division of Relativity Records, and subsequently re-released in 1995 by Lost & Found Records in Europe, and Victory Records in the U.S.T

he band had previously gone by the name of Raw Deal, until a threatened lawsuit by another band of the same name caused them to change their name as they were entering the studio to record this release. Their guitarist, Mike Sentkiewitz, also left the band prior to recording to pursue a different musical direction. Many of the songs he helped pen, however, are included on this album. Shortly after the album was released, the band went into their first hiatus and did not return to the studio until 1992 for the Happy Hour EP.