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NO MAN – Erase LP

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repress of this awesome release, really proud to collaborate for this release... (150 copies on red, 100 copies on red+clear no man exclusive for their european tour with faim during july, 50 copies on clear shove exclusive) brief history

no man is ex majority rule formed in 2017 after reunion for a brief tour with pg99 the band includes all three members (Matthew Michel, Kevin Lamiell, Pat Broderick) with the addition of Maha Shami on vocals. Maha's voice may be familiar to some as she was a guest vocalist on MR's "Packaged Poison" back in 2002. Upon returning from the MR reunion shows, the band swiftly wrote, recorded, and released “Devils Cast Long Shadows” in 2018 as an outlet to continue creating new music together. Since then, they've had the opportunity to tour with some incredible bands, including Portrayal of Guilt, Darkest Hour, The Hirs Collective and more. In their follow up record “Erase,” the band solidifies their sound, blending mean chaotic punk that occasionally comes up for air with haunting, melodic breaks.

ffo: majority rule, portrayal of guilt under: screamo, hc, punk, dc hardcore, noise, posthc