Doosmday machine records and d7i records join forces together and starts Toys of Disharmony distribution. Based in quebec city, this webstore/distro is focussed to help the local scene to expand, by distributing and taking consignment or trades from indi-diy bands and labels.

Doomsday Machine Records et D7i records s'unissent pour fonder Toys of Disharmony Distribution. Basé dans la ville de Québec, cette distro est active dans le but d'aider la scène locale du mieux que l'on peux en distribuant ou échangeant de la musique (peu importe le format cd, vinyle, cassette) à travers le monde. Avis aux bands locaux, on prend également de la consigne!



4 new releases will soon be available from Toys of disharmony! Grindcore fans will be really stoked to know that we will be releasing a Fistfuck / Fuck The Facts split 10'' in the beginning of the summer of 2014!

3 releases are currently at the pressing plant, First off, the Doomsday Machine Records‏ Brink of Doom - 4x split 7'' Boxset‏, is under pressing and should be out around the middle of march!

Also, D7i records heavy-stoner release, Black Khox’s A.K.A.B. LP, is being pressed too!

And finally, both labels will release the Striver/Vengeance split 7’’. Both bands deliver an in-your-face aggressive and fast thrashcore!

Pre orders soon for those releases!

info (at) toysofdisharmony (dot) com


Black Khox – A.K.A.B. soon to be released!
D7i records announce the release of Quebec city’s heavy-stoner crushers Black Khox first album called A.K.A.B. on vinyl! You can listen to 3 songs from A.K.A.B. on Black Khox’s bandcamp page:

Upcoming releases

Brink of Doom - 4x split 7'' Doomsday Machine Records
To celebrate is 20th anniversary, Doomsday Machine Records, with the support of D7i Records, is proud to announce the release of a boxset compilation of 4 split 7" with Hard Charger, Cold North, Khan, Striver, dissed, Soil of Ignorance, Dark Circles and Jugular Scars.

Black Khox - A.K.A.B. 12'' d7i Records

Striver / Vengeance split 7'' d7i Records, Doomsday Machine Records, Le mort records

Fistfuck / Fuck The Facts split 10'' d7i Records, Doomsday Machine Records, Fuck The Facts

Dahmer 2 songs 7"