Doomsisters  - S/T LP

Doomsisters - S/T LP

Debut LP album for french band Doomsisters. Dirty, crusty, ugley and heavy grindcore with sludge inf..

12.00$ 15.00$

Robanera - Meco Discordia LP

Robanera - Meco Discordia LP

Second release for this italian sludgers.. some years ago they released a cd… now they are ready for..

13.00$ 15.00$

Striver - Apocalypse Nightmare  LP

Striver - Apocalypse Nightmare LP

Second album from Quebec city's thrashcore band Striver. Female fronted fast foward hardcore with ..

5.00$ 10.00$

Homem Elefante / Ameaça Cigana - split LP

Homem Elefante / Ameaça Cigana - split LP

Blasting circle-pit infused hardcore! Featuring members of Alarme! Along the lines of 80's American ..

5.00$ 13.00$

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