Brutal Knights - Living By Yourself LP

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The Toronto fivesome, whose debut LP(The Pleasure Is All Thine, also on Deranged Records) established them as being immature for their age, has continued making music, resulting in the 14 songs recorded by Jon Drew at Toronto's Signal To Noise studios (FUCKED UP 'hidden world', Career Suicide 'attempted suicide') and then mixed by musician Jay Reatard in Memphis. The arduous kampf that went into this release is probably what sent drummer Msgzus packing, although not before laying down awesome drumwork for the LP. Feast of Shame features BRUTAL KNIGHTS at their best ? faster, rawer and dumber than before with the production to boot! By the way, there are songs about food on this album ("The Perfect Buffet"). There are also songs about haters (You're Fired[I Quit]). There are also songs about being randy(every song on the album).