Dahmer - The Studio Sessions TAPE (Pre-Order)

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Finally available for the first time on vinyl and cassette ! Dahmer plays some crushing in-your-face crusty grindcore with some pitch shifted vocals accentuated with pissed off vocals!! Dahmer is concidered by many as THE BAND as far as Canadian’s grindcore scene ever withness. (Include gatefold cover and insert)

  • The Discography includes all the songs from: 
  • The split with Saturation 
  • The split with Wadge 
  • The split with IRF 
  • The split with Jean Seberg 
  • The split with Denak 
  • The 2 songs e.p 
  • The 9 songs 7’’ 
  • The split with Suppression 
  • The 1996 Demo 
  • Dahmerized

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