Public Enemy - Fear of A Black Planet 3D cover LP

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PUBLIC ENEMY'S HUGER THAN HUGE FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET NOW WITH THE DELUXE 3D LENTICULAR COVER. Their mind blowing 3rd album is filled with too many standout moments to mention. I listened to the album for months as a kid and "Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man" was probably Flav's highlight besides "911 is a Joke," which killed it. The album is filled with some of the most densely layered Bomb Squad production out there. Chuck D's agitprop lyricism is smashed up against soundbite samples from myriad sources and it only helps to further get the message across. The energy is still palpable today. Checkout the awesome posse track about racialism on the big screen "Burn Hollywood Burn!" featuring Ice Cube and Big Daddy Kane. There's also certified classics like "Fight The Power," "Welcome To The Terrordome." "Power To The People," "Revolutionary Generation," "Reggie Jax," "War At 33 1/3" and much more!