Fear Of God ‎- Under The Chainsaw - Complete Demos 1987 LP

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Fear of God (often abbreviated to F.O.G.) were a Swiss grindcore band who were active in the mid-1980s. They started in 1986 and broke up in 1988, but briefly reformed in the middle of 2002. Their first release was one of the first grindcore releases, and was very extreme for its time. This release is the original EP tracks + Bonus Tracks! Tracks A1-A15: Recorded in November 1987. This was the demo tape for Temple Of Love Records and a few friends and tape traders. Re-released as "Konserven" 7" EP (1992) on Two Sheds Records, Switzerland. Tracks A16-A19: Recorded in November 1987. The cover version of Napalm Death's "Scum" was an improvisation, with Dave on vocals. Tracks B1-B15: Recorded in October 1987 Tracks B16-B18: Recorded in September 1987 - Tracklist: A1 Rubbish Planet A2 Two Sides Of The Coin A3 Locked Away A4 Controlled By Fear A5 My Hands A6 Pelzfotze A7 Circle A A8 Trouble Maker A9 Pneumatic Slaughter A10 Absolution A11 Under The Chainsaw A12 7 Up A13 1st Class People A14 A Life In Rigorism A15 I've Seen A16 Proud On Your Pride A17 Running Through The Blood A18 Scum (Written By – Napalm Death) A19 Controlled By Fear (Instrumental) B1 Under The Chainsaw B2 A Life In Rigorism B3 Pelzfotze B4 Running Through The Blood B5 Trouble Maker B6 Pneumatic Slaughter B7 Rubbish Planet B8 Absolution B9 My Hands B10 1st Class People B11 Which Way? B12 7 Up B13 Circle A B14 Raise The Siege B15 Rubbish Planet B16 Life In Rigorism B17 7 Up B18 Absolution