Egypt / Wo Fat - Cyclopean Riffs Split LP

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I'm sure you'd agree that there have been some mighty fine vinyl splits this year. Cough/Windhand, Sardonis/Eternal Elysium just to name a few. This one could take the cake, though; I think it's really something else. Not only is it one of the sweetest-looking splits I have bought this year, it also has some of my favorite music.
Totem Cat Records (France) has released what could possibly be my number-one vinyl split of the year with Cyclopean Riffs, spanning 40 minutes and featuring two unreleased songs from both Wo Fat and Egypt. This is a match made in the midwestern heat that burns hot and heavy.
Did you notice the title had the word, "riffs" in it? Okay. Just checking because that's what this release is all about. You already know the bands and you know they both bring it. They're heavy and bluesy - supersoaked with riffage - and they both rock hard. Nuff said.
Side A: Wo Fat. This side is more upbeat. Get down with your bad self. "Nameless Cults" and "Electric Hellhound". Recorded an mixed by Kent Stump at Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas, Texas, USA.
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